Brown beaded belt $4.00

Blue&white beaded belt $4.00

fool's gold (pyrite)  $3.50

Rainbow braid bracelet $2.00

Krazzzzzzy keychain man!!  $2.50

water squirting ring  $2.00

beaded anklet purple or blue $0.90 (Each)

Paintable ceramic dolphin  $3.00

Shell bracelet  $1.50

Red and silver sparkly braclet $0.50

Crazy about karns bow   $1.75  (We are out of stock of this bow right now but we will have it later!)

big rainbow $1.00

green zebra print hair bow $0.75

purple plaid bow $1.50

plaid&silk blue bow. $1.00

flat clip rain-bow! $0.90

.lime green curlz bow $0.90

silk turquoise bow $0.90

Karns bow. $0.90

green&white hairbow. $0.50

rain-bow! bobby pin $1.00

bitsy bow $0.90

orange bow. $1.00

pink and green bitsy bow! $1.00

.pink and white polka dot bow

we do not make up our prices,they are based on how much we spend on materials.